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System ENcontrol

Unique intelligent system developed by ENcontrol permanenty increases user comfort, safety of persons and properties and decreases costs of owning or operating properties used for housing or business.

Characteristics of the system

From the technical point of view, this is a set of developed special electronic and software components forming the superstructure over the house wiring. But its use is not limited to electrical equipment only. Functionality of the system is close to solutions known as „smart homes“.

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Our systems are:

  • EASY (it can handle 7-years old child or 70-years old people)
  • installation and changes are FAST (we are able to install complex system in hours)
  • and ECONOMIC (functional system can start from 600 EUR)


September | 18 | 2023

spotProcessor Unit devices enhanced by a functionality of inverters control (e.g. SolaX, GoodWe, HUAWEI, Fronius) with Modbus protocol.

April | 28 | 2023

In a cooperation with Solar Controls company developed necessary compatibility of ENcontrol spotProcessor Unit with Wattrouter regulators.

March | 15 | 2023

Development of the ENcontrol spotProcessor Unit which monitors up-to-date spot prices and control connected devices completed.

November | 30 | 2022

Detail study of possible measures to decrease energy cosumption for Statutární město Plzeň completed.

August | 25 | 2014

New version of firmware for ENcontrol Power Balancer device containing new functoins and regulation features released.

June | 15 | 2017

A new version of control application in central unit released. This version is suitable for industry and allows device control with time precision of seconds.

March | 30 | 2016

ENcontrol helps city of Pilsen to mitigate potential black-outs. In a regional newspaper this was issued this article.

November | 16 | 2015

Start of selling new version of central unit based on dual core processor with memory size 2GB or 4GB.

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